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I'm too sexy XD

Alex Summers
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17 year old hippy surfer non-chick dude thing. Yeah.


Alexander Summer was adopted at the age of three, by the Summer family based in Honalulu, Hawaii. He has only the faintest memories of his biological family, and due to this has never really felt too connected and concerned with finding them. When he reached 17 though, he thought that since he could, he should probably check the adoption registries to see if any of his family had tried to find him.

Spoiled only child of the Summer family, he's never needed to be serious or very mature. Lives on the beach, loves to camp out and hike around. He's a true outdoors child, and his appearance reflects it with a deep tan and sun bleached blonde hair. The words 'beach bunny' work well.

Last year, while swimming, he encountered a shark in the waters and discovered his mutant powers. This is the ability to release waves of energy from his hands, which superheat the air and turns it into plasma. Or, the ability to shoot plasma blasts from his hands. Since he has developed his powers, he has been trying to extend his powers so that he can emmitt energy from other then his hands. So far, he has not been successful.

Personality wise, Alex is a pretty happy go lucky guy. Easy going to the point of being catonic, Alex lacks the possession of a little thing called shame that should halt some of his wilder activities. He'll dance anywhere, truly like noone's watching, and live like there's no tomorrow. Impulsive, unthinking of the consequences, there are times Alex should really just step back and chill a little.

He won't, though. XD